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Vilas County, WI

Town Office winter hours are Mon-Thurs. 9:30-3:30 p.m.

This website was created as an online resource for the residents and visitors to the friendliest town in Wisconsin.

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to get involved in our community.

Please browse our Website to learn more about the services we offer residents and how you can volunteer!  Click here to view the 2014 Annual Report.

Please visit the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce to learn more about local events in our area.  If you have any questions, you can reach us by clicking Contact Us.

(photo of Nebish Lake, found on http://www.lifeinthenorthwoods.com )

Summer Afternoon Reflections at Nebish Lake (2)-L

North Creek Loop Trail Donations now being accepted.

The mission of the North Creek Loop Trail Committee is to expand the Boulder Junction Heart of Vilas County Bike Trail along Highway H from Highway K to North Creek Road.  This expansion will enhance Boulder Junction’s existing trail system, in addition to providing a scenic and safe connection to the Heart of Vilas County Bike Trail.

Residents and visitors who bike, walk, run or rollerblade will benefit from this trail expansion project. The committee’s goal is to raise $875,000 to make this trail a reality. Donations made to the Town of Boulder Junction for the North Creek Loop Trail are fully tax-deductible.

In addition to a $5000 pledge from the Boulder Junction Lions Club, the committee has also received a $5000 donation from Camp Holiday and over $4000 in miscellaneous donations.

For more information about North Creek Loop Trail, call one of the following committee members, Barb Konopacki, at 715-892-7297; Jim Fragassi at 715-385-3236; or Scott Rogers at 7154-385-3278.




Town Road Improvement Project Plan

9-24-18 Construction Schedule: 2018 – September 24th Web Update_FINAL

9-3-2018 Construction Schedule: 2018 – September 4th Web Update_FINAL (1)

8-20-18 Road Construction Schedule: 2018 – August 20th Web Update_FINAL

8-6-18 Road Construction Schedule: 2018 – August 6th Web Update_FINAL (1)

7-16-18 Road Construction Schedule: 2018 – July 16th Web Update_FINAL (1)

7-2-18 Road Construction Schedule: 2018 – July 2nd Web Update

6-24-18 Road Construction Schedule:  2018 – June 24th Web Update_FINAL

3-27-18 Committee Recommendation to the Town Board: Board Recommendation 03_27_18

2018 Road Maintenance Comparison: 2108 Road Maintenance Comparison

2018 Road Maintenance Analysis: 2108 Road Maintenance Analysis

2018 Road Improvement Comparison: 2018 Road Improvement Comparison

2018 Road Improvement Analysis: 2018 Road Improvement Analysis

2018-0227 RW Baird Financing Plan Road Improvement Project Update: 2018-0227 RW Baird Road Improvement Project Update

Road Improvement Project Information: Scenario #5_FINAL PDF

Elector Power Point Presentation:  PROJECT APPROVAL 11_16_17 FINAL (1)

Elector Project Summary: ELECTOR PROJECT SUMMARY

Elector Voter Update: ELECTOR VOTER UPDATE

Elector Update Script: ELECTOR UPDATE SCRIPT_09_12_17


Scenario Recomendation: to Town Board Scenario Recommendation for roads2017Print 08 22 17

Scenario #5 Print 8-14-17: SCENARIO #5_PRINT_08_14_17

Five Year Maintenence Cycle Print 8-14-17: 5 YEAR MAINTENANCE CYCLE_PRINT_08_14_17

Five Year Maintenence Cycle Print 8-14-17 Part 1: 5 YEAR MAINTENANCE CYCLE_PRINT_08_14_17 _1

Engineered Solution Print 8-14-17: ENGINEERED SOLUTION_PRINT_08_14_17

Strategic Solution Print 8-14-17: STRATEGIC SOLUTION_PRINT_08_14_17

Boulder Junction Condition Assessment August 2017: Boulder Junction Condition Assessment_August 2017

TR Information Meeting 8-10-17 Final: TR Information Meeting 08_10_17 FINAL.ppt

Cost Estimates Final 8-8-17: Cost Estimates_FINALv7 08_08_17

Investment Handout 8-8-17: Investment Handout 08_08_17

Project Summary Draft 8-8-17: Project Summary DRAFT 08_08_17

Scenario Prioritization Process Proposal: SCENARIO PRIORITIZATION PROCESS PROPOSAL

Road Improvement Plan Condition Assessment & Road Specification Development RFP # 2017-PR-001:


MOE update 4-18-17: MOE Update 04_18_17 FINAL

Project Summary  Draft 4-18-17: Project Summary DRAFT 04_18_17

Scenario Handout: Scenario Handout

Public Information Meeting Materials

Cost Estimates 4-12-17 Draft: Cost Estimates 04_12_17 DRAFT

Scenario Handout: Scenario Handout

TR Information Meeting 4-12-17: TR Information Meeting 04_12_17

Project Summary Draft 4-6-17: Project Summary DRAFT 04_06_17

4-6-2017 Meeting

LRIP 4-6-17: LRIP 04_06

Project Summary Draft: Project Summary DRAFT 04_06_17

Road Building 101: Road Building 101

Scenario Handout: Scenario Handout

TR Information Meeting Draft: TR Information Meeting 04_06_17 DRAFT

3-22-2017 Meeting

Cost Estimates: Cost Estimates 03_22_17 DRAFT

Elector Handout: Elector Handout

TR Information Meeting: TR Information Meeting 03_22_17 DRAFT

3-15-2017 Meeting

Cost Estimates: Cost Estimates 03_15_17 DRAFT

Guiding Principals: Guiding Principles DRAFT 03_15_17

TR Information: TR Information Meeting 03_15_17 DRAFT

3-7-2017 Meeting

Cost Estimates: Cost Estimates 03_07_17v1

Project Timeline: PROJECT TIME LINE 03_07_17v1

3-2-2017 Meeting

Cost Estimates: Cost Estimates 03_02_17

Project Timeline: PROJECT TIME LINE 03_02_17 

2-23-17 Meeting

Road Building 101: Road Building 101 02_20_2017

Town Road Survey Overview: Town Road Survey Overview 2_20_17

Updated Cost Estimates 2-23-2017: Updated Cost Estimates 2_23_17

2-15-17 Meeting

Cost Update: Town Road Improvement Project – Cost Update 02_15_17 

Cost Information: Mark Barden Cost Info

1-24-17 Meeting

Road Construction Overview Powerpoint: Road Construciton Overview

Project Communication Plan Powerpoint: Communicaton Plan

Survey Overview Powerpoint: Survey Overview

1-11-17 Meeting 

Road Plan Spreadsheet: Town Road Improvement Project Master 1-11-17

Road Plan Powerpoint: Road Improvement Project 1-11-17

Road Plan Presentation PDF: Road Improvement Project 1-11-17 Final

Closer Look at Priority Ranking: Exhibit I Priority Ranking

Closer Look at Category & Pavement Type: Exhibit II Category & Pavement Type

Closer Look at Priority Groupings: Exhibit III Priority Groupings

Click here to view road improvement project updates.



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Town Statistics:

Land Size: 82 square miles

Water Size: 18 square miles
Fifth largest town in Vilas County

Population: 944 (Jan 2016 Estimate)

376 year-round dwellings
806 seasonal dwellings

Land Ownership:
Private 12.2 miles
State Land 63%
State Water 24.8%

Local Roads: 90.2 miles

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